Eve Bayran


5 Online Tools That Help Your Real Estate Marketing

The key to marketing success lies in focus and consistency – creating a meaningful message and repeating it to those most receptive to it. The following 5 tools in no particular order are a combination of time savers and organizational tools to make your marketing programs and client contact easier to manage. #1 Dropbox Dropbox is simply a great tool

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Marketing For Realtors – 12 Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you starting to get that feeling that you need to shake things up in 2018, but then letting it slip out of your mind? Well, that is your mistake! Everyone talks about reviewing the past year and planning for the New Year, but most of us don’t. The process seems daunting and depending on the year we have just

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10 Web Development Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Your business needs an online presence. And one of the practical ways of going online is by creating a website. That way, you can market and sell your products; and keep your customers engaged. But, we still meet business owners who struggle to keep up with web development lingo. So in this post, I’ll touch on the terms that you

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Top Tips for Survival in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is rife with ever-evolving techniques and strategies. Take Google, for example. The next update to PageRank would mean that established SEO tactics might become ineffective. Social media is adapting to mobile platforms, as well. So, the digital market can no longer depend on static content for functions like social marketing, search marketing, and branding. Yet, an online presence

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