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Content Marketing for Realtors: A Long-Term Strategy

With society constantly evolving, marketing strategies are bound to change accordingly. Living in a digital age emphasizes the significance and importance of maintaining a successful online presence. Therefore, it is crucial to design a website that differentiates you from your competitors and showcases your abilities by providing content relevant to your target audience. This process is referred to as Content

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Marketing for Realtors: Why You Should Be Blogging

Blogging has become an increasingly effective marketing strategy that reaches a greater demographic as it brings content to your social media accounts. Blogs are regularly updated web pages that aid in communicating with prospective clients. It acts as a channel to display your skills while simultaneously improving your search engine rankings. Blogging reaps many benefits to a realtor because it

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Does Giving Away “Swag” to Clients and Prospects Work?

Placing your brand on random trinkets such as pens, notepads, keychains, etc., has become one of the most common marketing methods. However, do the benefits of distributing these promotional items outweigh the costs? “Swag” can be classified into two categories: Promotional: these items are useful or decorative. Premiums: these items act as an incentive for a particular action. Is “Swag”

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Marketing For Realtors – 12 Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you starting to get that feeling that you need to shake things up in 2018, but then letting it slip out of your mind? Well, that is your mistake! Everyone talks about reviewing the past year and planning for the New Year, but most of us don’t. The process seems daunting and depending on the year we have just

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