Marketing is an essential aspect to a successful business. The following 7 habits highlight the necessary actions that you need to incorporate into your business strategies on a consistent basis.

First, think about how much time you invest on marketing. We understand that in many cases, the 7 habits listed below are commonly overlooked because of other activities that you would rather prioritize.

Habit #1: Act Early

In order to help you get a head start on tomorrow’s work, take some time at the end of every work day to review your phone calls, personal contacts, and emails. By doing so, you can make a roadmap or list for the marketing activities you would like to get done.

Think of categorizing your list into the following headings:

  • Emails to respond to
  • Emails to write
  • Phone calls to make
  • People to visit

In addition, be mindful of important dates such as your clients’ birthdays or perhaps their moving-in anniversaries. Consider checking in with buyers every few months as well as recommend any listing to existing clients based off of their property interests.

Habit #2: Stay on Top of Phone Calls and Emails

It is common knowledge that buyers and sellers seek realtors who have fast response times because it signals commitment to them. Frankly, faster response times means that there is less time for a competitor to attract your prospective client.

Some tips include customizing your voicemail so that the caller knows when to expect your return call.

Emails should be answered whenever received because it not only shows your clients that you are responsible and efficient, but also reduces your workload as the day progresses.

Habit #3: Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is a very convenient, yet effective method of marketing, however, it can be quite distracting throughout the day. Therefore, try to set aside time in the beginning and end of the day specifically for reviewing and updating your accounts. Remember to keep a list of things to do on social media to minimize your chances of getting distracted. For instance, try:

  • Checking for questions and comments on your posts.
  • Staying on top of trending hashtags.
  • Sharing posts that may be of interest to your clients and sphere of influence.
  • Keeping track of the types of posts that attract the most likes or shares.

Habit #4: Make a Plan Outlining What and When you will Post on Social Media.

Ensure that you schedule specific times for posting on social media, as doing it continuously throughout the day wastes a lot of time. Consider scheduling all of your posts in the morning for different times of the day to show your clients that you are constantly active. Think about the following questions when deciding what to post:

  • Did you read something online or in the newspaper that would interest your clients?
  • Do you have an open house coming up?
  • Do you have a new listing?

Hootsuite and Sprout Social are social media management tools that have been recommended by many to organize posts.

Habit #5: Don’t Ignore your Website Statistics

Programs like Google Analytics are extremely useful for gauging how well your website is doing. You will be able to see the amount of visits you are receiving for listings and blog posts as well as how long each client has stayed on your website.

What else can you see in Google Analytics?

  • Where your traffic is coming from.
  • How long do your viewers stay on your website.
  • How many viewers come to a certain page and then leave.
  • Which pages are the most popular.
  • Who is coming to your website and how often.

By constantly analyzing your website statistics, you will be able to see how effective your marketing efforts are and thus revise anything that can be optimized.

Habit #6: Remember to Blog

Studies show that businesses who blog can receive upwards of 67% more leads than those who don’t. When writing blogs, remember to place yourself in your readers’ perspective and use keywords that would attract them. Write about topics or provide information that is of interest and relevant to them. For instance, write a blog post about new listings for a certain area or neighbourhood.

Habit #7: Prioritize your Marketing Strategies

Try your best to not keep putting your marketing off. Our company specializes in Realtor marketing and have seen the positive effects of well executed marketing plans and strategies. Being “too busy” can greatly hinder your success and by building efficient and effective marketing habits, your business will find success. Three key aspects to remember is to measure, monitor, and follow up on your marketing.

You can start slow and incorporate habits one by one in order to encourage sustainability as well as maintain your current work style.


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