With society constantly evolving, marketing strategies are bound to change accordingly. Living in a digital age emphasizes the significance and importance of maintaining a successful online presence.

Therefore, it is crucial to design a website that differentiates you from your competitors and showcases your abilities by providing content relevant to your target audience. This process is referred to as Content Marketing.

When producing content, your goal is to inform, rather than sell something to your reader. You want to show them that you are a valuable asset to them. Consequently, these readers will be more inclined to follow and support your business.

Perks of Having an Effective Content Marketing Plan

  • Develops loyal clients and displays your competence as a realtor.
  • Achieves search engine optimization (SEO) if you publish frequently and regularly.
  • Builds your social media sphere of influence.
  • SEO and social media leads to inbound marketing.

How to Generate Good Content

  1. Educate the Buyer or Seller: Keep your audience interested and let them know that you care about the choices that they make. You want to help them and potentially give them a competitive advantage. Choose your information based off of your target group of people or area. Use different methods to convey content such as:
    1. Market Reports
    2. Videos
    3. New Listings
    4. Infographics
  2. Use Social Media: Post your content on social media, but be sure to link your website and consider the most effective times to post.
  3. Be Consistent: Think SEO. Search engines will increase your online visibility the more you post.
  4. Be Unique: Be interesting and constantly think of new ways and ideas to engage your audience.

Target your Audience

Your content should be relevant to your target age demographic, as perspectives and priorities generally change.

Generation Y (Ages 32 and Younger)

This age group primarily consists of people who require substantial knowledge regarding the buying and selling process. Examples of useful content in this situation would be accessibility to public transit.

Generation X (Ages 33-47)

This generation most likely includes parents with young children, therefore, location will be high on their priority list when buying a new home. Perhaps include information detailing schools and parks in the vicinity.

Late Baby Boomers (Ages 48-57)

At this age, many parents will be watching their children move out of their homes so they will be interested in downsizing. However, studies conclude that 21% of this generation own a second home and 13% own multiple investment properties. This suggests that providing listings and information pertaining to investment properties may be helpful.

Early Baby Boomers (Ages 58-66)

This generation is the most likely to be interested in finding smaller homes that are easily accessible to multiple amenities. At this age, they may consider moving to an urban setting because they will want a change of pace and scenery.

Silent/G.I. Generation (Ages 67+)

This age group predominantly consists of wealthier individuals who are most concerned about convenience and easy-living. Tips on making the most out of limited living space would surely interest this generation.

Content marketing is a process that will significantly contribute towards your brand, reputation, and building your clientele–do not rush it.


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