How to Create an SEO Strategy by Understanding Online Search Behaviour

Regardless of the type of product or service you’re selling, there is a person out there who is willing to buy it. The hard part is getting their attention and convincing them to become loyal customers. Thus on publishing your website, you would first need to create an SEO strategy that boosts you search ranking and generates relevant content.

But how can you tell what you need to be optimizing your website for? What types of users should you create content for? More importantly, how do you get your site’s visitors to do what you want them to?

Here at Buzz Design, we develop copywriting and SEO strategies based on the behavior of your targeted customers. We use creative in-house processes to assess user traffic, which then informs how we develop your web content and copy.

So in this post, I’ll introduce you to why and how people conduct search and what we ultimately do about it.

Types of users

Some of the visitors you should expect on your web pages include:

  • Information seekers/researchers – these kinds want your website to provide some answers. They would want to know about a particular issue like “which is the best content management system?” If you give them what they want, they will keep coming back for more. And that’s a good thing if your site’s primary aim is to establish expertise.
  • Browsers – unlike the information seekers, browsers (or navigators) have a destination in mind. They want to go somewhere only that they are not sure of how to get there. For instance, if a user is referred to your site but she doesn’t know the precise address, she’ll use a search engine to seek it out.
  • Buyers – you can consider these types as action takers. They’ll visit your pages with the aim to transact. Whether intending to buy products or to download white papers, action takers know how to navigate and how to use your site.

Then again, to serve these three types, you need to provide:

  • Relevant, high-quality content — Information seekers
  • Effective SEO — Browsers or navigators
  • Promotions, sale offers or appropriate services — Buyers or transactional users

Search behavior

Web users have many avenues to get to your landing pages. Some follow backlinks while others will click on content you’ve posted on social media.

But without a doubt, the majority will use a search engine (say Google) to look for what they want.

So if you want to direct more traffic to your website, the first step is to use proper SEO on your content.

Nonetheless, let’s see two significant aspects of how people look for stuff online.

They use search engines

Or more precisely, people use Google. As a result, your web agency has to keep in touch with Google’s guidelines.

Mark you; there are other services out there like Bing, Yahoo Search and Baidu.

Although proper SEO practices would apply to all these services, it’s logical to focus on boosting your search ranking on Google.

They use search terms

The search premise is simple: users input keywords into a field and the engine matches all the pages that contain those terms in their content or metadata.

And that’s we have optimization in the first place. To get visibility, you have to do a keyword research of the terms that you want your content to be ranked for.

So according to your industry, you should use keywords that you think targeted consumers are likely to use. That’s not forgetting that your content needs to contain keywords in the right places and in the right density.

For example, if your company specializes in selling used books, make sure your metadata (e.g. titles, meta descriptions, h1, h2, etc.) displays the term “used books” prominently.

Creating an SEO strategy

If you enter a simple search term like “used books”, you’ll get upwards of 120,000,000 results. So the first thing you need to consider is what unique service your business offers. That will then inform the long-tail keywords you’d use to try to narrow down the field of search results.

Let’s again say that your bookstore sells American historical books in Toronto. A long-tail keyword would thus be “historical American used books Toronto.” which would return 4.8 million results on Google Search. And that gives you a better chance of appearing on the first page if your SEO is up to scratch.

It’s thus possible to create a strategy that works. But that is If only you can choose an agency that is experienced in SEO and can tailor an approach that is applicable to your industry.

Fortunately, you have Buzz Designers who are experts at driving traffic and converting leads. Years of content creation and web optimization has enabled them to be at the cutting edge of web development and design.

So, Call +1 844 733 8164 , contact us online or pay us a visit at our Vancouver offices and we’ll discuss how to get more visitors to your site over a cup of latte.

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