One of the best and most effective times to connect and reinforce your relationship with your clients in through the holiday season. Your clients are your most important sources for referrals, therefore, below you will find a list of unique gift ideas to better connect with them.

In order to make sure that your marketing strategies are effective especially during the holidays, be personal and fun. Show your clients that you appreciate them by putting more thought into your gifts.

Asides from the obvious gifts such as bottles of wine and gift baskets, we have provided you with other ideas that you could possibly consider.

Cookies: Everyone loves cookies so why not deliver some to your clients. A good alternative would be to send a gingerbread house that your clients can assemble with their family.

Unique Holiday Cards: Everyone sends holiday cards so make sure that yours stands out. Make homemade ones or find more unique cards that differ from the generic snowman on the front. It would also be a good idea to handwrite their names in the card as well as on the envelope.

Family Portraits: Consider hiring a photographer and booking a studio to take family portraits of your clients. This is a very popular time to do so as your clients will most likely want to make personalized holiday cards.

Personalized Memo Pad: Memo pads are a common marketing piece that many realtors distribute, however, try changing things up a little and put their name on it rather than yours. Have something like: “Things To Do Today for Mary Smith” running along the top as well as your name and contact information on the bottom. Having a checklist format with checkboxes can also be useful for your clients if they were to make grocery lists.

Christmas CD or DVD: A Christmas CD or DVD is perfect for the holiday season and can be enjoyed by your client’s entire family. Send it with a card and wish them the best.

Favourite Book: If there is a book that you have in mind that may specifically appeal to your client or could broadly appeal to all your clients, consider giving it as a present. This may be a coffee table book, a cookbook, a book on best hikes to do in Vancouver, or even a book like Freakonomics. Consider personally dropping the book off to your client or send it in the mail with a card.

Personalized Tree Ornament: Depending on how much time you have, you can buy a real estate themed ornament, such as a house to give your clients. If you have more time, consider buying a plain ornament and place your client’s family name on it along with the date that they moved into their new home.

Organize a Toy or Coat Drive: Contact your clients via phone, mail, or email and ask them whether they would like to donate old toys or coats for your toy or coat drive. Perhaps offer to pick their donations up so that you have face to face contact and also give them a thank you card.

Miscellaneous Ideas:

  • Poinsettia plant
  • Prepaid car wash voucher
  • Ice scraper

Although the list was catered towards the holidays, feel free to use similar ideas for appreciation gifts to give your clients throughout the year. This will ensure that you maintain your relationship with your main source of referrals, your clients!

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