How to Make Real Estate Direct Mail More Effective

Despite the increasingly popular use of the internet and email, direct mail remains extremely effective. Many question the efficacy of direct mail use. This question can be answered by your own, personal experience. Think about the last time you needed a miscellaneous service done, such as replacing your roof or taking your car in for an oil change. Did you choose a business by browsing through your “junk mail” or did you base your choice off of current promotions? Studies show that if 7% of people were to move per year, and you sent 1,000 pieces of direct mail, then approximately 70 recipients will be particularly sensitive to real estate direct mail while searching for a realtor.

“The mail moment” refers to the period of time where recipients retrieve and read their mail with the most focus and attention. This is when realtors should focus on attracting clients by conveying their messages through direct mail. Remember to spend time personalizing each correspondence while making it visually appealing. This will reap the highest benefits and take advantage of “the mail moment”.

The following statistics may prove to be valuable when considering whether or not you believe direct mail will affect your business.

  • 73% of consumers prefer receiving direct mail rather than emails when given new product announcements or promotions from companies that they are familiar with.
  • 70% of survey respondents claimed that they would rather find unsolicited information from unfamiliar companies through direct mail.
  • 26% of Canadians are more likely to read unsolicited correspondence, regardless of via direct mail or email, if it is visually pleasing and personalized.

3 Ways to Make your Direct Mail more Effective

#1 Choose your Headlines Wisely

Your window to attract and make an impact on your potential clients’ decision-making is approximately 5 seconds long. Thus, your goal is to encourage your audience to keep your direct mail for their future use. In order to do so, make sure that your headlines stand out and convey that you are able to provide the services that they need. Refrain from using generic and solely descriptive statements.

#2 Change it Up

We understand that advertising is highly dependent on your budget and available resources. Make an effort to mix up the types of direct mail you send as well as be consistent with your delivery. At the very least, it is recommended that you aim for 12 pieces a year–one per month.

Some ideas to consider are “just listed” or “just sold” postcards, memo pads or to-do lists, market update newsletters, and non real estate related postcards.

#3 Make Sure it is Worth Keeping

One benefit of mixing your mail up is to increase the chances of your recipients to retain your mail for future reference. Provide them with valuable and relevant information such as:

Local Events

Send your audience a calendar containing local events that may not necessarily be real estate related. By doing so, you are building your relationship by showing them that you are willing to put effort in towards helping them.

Number Directory

Another piece that you can mail your potential clients is a blank number directory where they can keep a list of their most important contacts organized and easily accessible. Again, you are showing them that you care about their well being and want to take the extra step towards making their lives easier. Your goal is to convey the message that you care about them and not solely yourself.

Restaurant Directory

We are all guilty of occasionally having difficulties choosing which restaurant to go to or order from. Take some time to create a comprehensive list of local restaurants and perhaps consider categorizing them based off of price, convenience, and wait time.

All of the listed suggestions are very time friendly and cost effective, yet provide very beneficial results. However, make sure to include your company name as well as contact information in each piece.

Summer Ideas

Think of season-relevant pieces of mail that could prove to be useful to your recipients. Consider making a list of golf courses, water parks, or farmer’s markets that are worth visiting in a specific area or city.

Making effective direct mail is a process that requires careful planning, preparation, and hard work. Like all marketing strategies, your goal is to maximize your return on investments while fostering good relationships with your clients. In order to so, you need to put the required time and effort in.

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