Social Media for Realtors: How to Use the Key Platforms

Why Should Realtors Use Social Media?

The most prominent reason for realtors to use social media is its efficacy. Although a lot of work done by realtors is through physical interaction, whether it be with buyers, sellers, or potential clients, social media has its many benefits. Using social media allows the realtor to reach out and stay in touch with clients and prospective clients outside of working hours.  

Keep in mind that social media marketing is a process that requires consistency and sustainability. The number of social media users are continuously increasing; therefore, you need to use multiple mediums to address this growing demographic in a manner that enhances your credibility.

Another benefit that using social media marketing reaps for your business is its ability to refer clients and potential clients to your website. The top referrers of traffic are Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, but Google+, Youtube, and LinkedIn are the top sources based off of time on site, bounce rate, and pages per visit.

What Should You Use First?

The easiest and most effective mediums to start your social media marketing is Facebook and Twitter. However, ensure that you always incorporate links to your website when using either.


Facebook facilitates a more personal interaction with clients and prospective clients, which makes it very useful for real estate. You can advertise open houses, feature new listings, as well as include some real estate-related posts that will attract your audience. Make sure that you use a separate business page, rather than using your personal account.              

When you post is a very important aspect to consider because you want to engage as many people as possible. Studies show that Friday is the best day to post, as you will be more likely to receive comments, shares, and likes. However, although you will post on regularly on Fridays, don’t disregard the rest of the days.


Twitter differs from Facebook in that its posts last approximately 18 minutes, as opposed to Facebook’s 5 hours. Therefore, it goes without saying that you will need to most more frequently when using Twitter. You can post advertisements for open houses, reduced listing prices, or to navigate traffic to your site. Don’t forget to use appropriate hashtags so that you maximize the clients reached!


LinkedIn may be a slightly more difficult medium to use in order to build a network of potential buyers and sellers. It is, however, very useful in reaching out to the professional community so that you can foster discussions that can later be shared on other social channels as well as your website.


Instagram heavily focuses on the visual aspects of marketing. It is a great medium to use for sharing photos of your current listings. A couple things to keep in mind is to use hashtags, tag appropriately, and post often.


Pinterest is useful for increasing your exposure. This can be done if you post eye-catching, design-related photos that can ultimately link your audience to your main website.


Next to Facebook, Google+ is the second largest social media network. According to Search Engine Journal, on average, it reaps 360 million monthly users. After learning how to navigate around Google+ and building your network through your sphere of influence, your search engine rankings will surely improve.


Youtube is widely used and could possibly be very effective for posting a video of your listings. In many cases, search engines like Google will place your video before you website, thus, using youtube as a means of marketing will surely be beneficial. Be sure to take the embed code from your uploaded videos and add them to your website as well. To attract more potential clients, provide a substantial description along with keywords and tags that your target audience will be more likely to search for.

The Next Step

This post may have caused you to re-evaluate your use of social media, but don’t forget where 80-90% of your business comes from. They predominantly come from repeat clients, referrals, your sphere of influences, and open houses. Your current marketing strategies may be working so make sure that you don’t disregard them. Instead, use social media as an enhancing tool to better your current marketing plans.


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