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Tips for the Ultimate Listing Presentation

The following elements are key to presenting an effective listing: The Meet and Greet The Presentation The Material Provided The Meet and Greet A study conducted in 1970 determined that: 93% of communication is done non-verbally and unconsciously. 55% of communication is conducted through body language. 38% is through tonality. 7% is through the actual content of our words. Below

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Social Media for Realtors: How to Use the Key Platforms

Why Should Realtors Use Social Media? The most prominent reason for realtors to use social media is its efficacy. Although a lot of work done by realtors is through physical interaction, whether it be with buyers, sellers, or potential clients, social media has its many benefits. Using social media allows the realtor to reach out and stay in touch with

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Content Marketing for Realtors: A Long-Term Strategy

With society constantly evolving, marketing strategies are bound to change accordingly. Living in a digital age emphasizes the significance and importance of maintaining a successful online presence. Therefore, it is crucial to design a website that differentiates you from your competitors and showcases your abilities by providing content relevant to your target audience. This process is referred to as Content

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Branding, Slogans, and Logos for Realtors

What is a brand? It is a promise to your clients on what you can offer. It is an intangible asset describing the meaning or feelings attributed to the service you provide your clients. It is not synonymous to a logo–a logo simply establishes the brand. It is not an identity (branding) system– an identity system conveys the brand in

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