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Tips for the Ultimate Listing Presentation

The following elements are key to presenting an effective listing: The Meet and Greet The Presentation The Material Provided The Meet and Greet A study conducted in 1970 determined that: 93% of communication is done non-verbally and unconsciously. 55% of communication is conducted through body language. 38% is through tonality. 7% is through the actual content of our words. Below

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of SEO for Realtors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important factor that many realtors should consider. This is especially true when updating websites with new content, such as listings. In many cases, realtors will turn to hiring the first person they find who is willing to undertake the task of handling SEO. This is often done when the realtor lacks the time as

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Six Tips for Better Open Houses

A commonly debated topic amongst the field of real estate is whether hosting an open house is an effective marketing strategy to sell a house or promote a realtor. If you want to incorporate open houses into your marketing plan, below are a series of tools and techniques to enhance your efforts. Many realtors argue that open houses are efficient.

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Marketing For Realtors – 12 Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself

Are you starting to get that feeling that you need to shake things up in 2018, but then letting it slip out of your mind? Well, that is your mistake! Everyone talks about reviewing the past year and planning for the New Year, but most of us don’t. The process seems daunting and depending on the year we have just

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