Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important factor that many realtors should consider. This is especially true when updating websites with new content, such as listings.

In many cases, realtors will turn to hiring the first person they find who is willing to undertake the task of handling SEO. This is often done when the realtor lacks the time as well as knowledge pertaining to it. However, be wary of who you trust with the responsibility and know which advice should be taken.

“Good” Recommendations for SEO

A key aspect that you can incorporate into your business strategy is blogging. Ensure that when doing so, incorporate topics and keywords that are relevant to buyers and sellers. To get you started, think about what these prospective clients would type in an online search engine. Google will visit your website on a daily basis to look for new content; therefore, if you publish a new blog post with sufficient and detailed descriptions, your site will rank well.

Make sure that your sitemap is submitted to Google Webmasters so that Google can index your website. Google Analytics is also helpful as it allows you to track visitors to website along with the pages they spend the most time on. By understanding your visitors’ behaviour, you can adapt your online marketing strategies accordingly.

Make sure that your posts are easy to find online, read and follow. Add page titles, subtitles, key words, and phrases.

“Bad” Recommendations for SEO

We understand that when you choose someone to handle your SEO, you want to do so in a cost-friendly manner. However, understand that hiring an amateur to handle your website’s optimization may not reap very beneficial results. In many cases, rates are affiliated with experience and proficiency. Keep in mind that you have a single opportunity to choose the best possible page titles and descriptions that Google will use.

Google will also penalize your ranking if you buy content for your website that may be duplicated in others. Therefore, be cautious to solely use original content regarding your business.

“Ugly” Recommendations for SEO

Understand that SEO is a process that you must constantly pay attention to. There is no easy way to go about it, thus do not fall for SEO claims to get your website on page 1. Always check to make sure that the source doing the advertising is reputable and can be backed up by references.


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