Tips for the Ultimate Listing Presentation

The following elements are key to presenting an effective listing:

  1. The Meet and Greet
  2. The Presentation
  3. The Material Provided

The Meet and Greet

A study conducted in 1970 determined that:

  • 93% of communication is done non-verbally and unconsciously.
  • 55% of communication is conducted through body language.
  • 38% is through tonality.
  • 7% is through the actual content of our words.

Below are a list of four points to consider in order to improve your nonverbal communication style.

Mirror and Match

Make your body language and speech match your client’s because it will foster a stronger connection.


Ensure that you understand the core purpose of your client’s speech so that you can respond appropriately. You will build your client’s trust.

Find Commonality

In order to strengthen your connection with your clients, find similar interests or preferences. This will make sure that their needs are sufficiently met and in a comfortable manner.

Be You

It becomes extremely obvious when an individual attempts to “fake” their personalities. Potential clients may be more hesitant to work with a realtor who hides the truth.

The Presentation

Property Knowledge

Be as knowledgeable about the property as you can be. Research facts that may be of interest to prospective clients. This may include the history of the property, structural details, recent tax assessments, liens, zoning, and future plans for the area. Additionally, it will be useful to know how close the property is from schools, transportation, and amenities.

Market Data

Be aware of the current market situation, as you want to be able to justify and explain your recommended listing prices. If your client is wanting to sell their home, chances are that they will think their property is worth more. Further, you should be able to inform your clients whether they are in a buyer’s market, seller’s market, or flat market. Lastly, include data on recent sales, expired and cancelled listings, and the average days on market.

Go Above and Beyond

Differentiate yourself from other realtors by presenting a listing professionally so that you leave a lasting, positive impression.

Things to Include in your Listing Presentation

Consider what potential sellers will be thinking of as you present.

  • How much is my house worth?
  • How long will it take to sell my house?

Below you will find a table of contents recommended for a seller-centric presentation. Additionally, refrain from making your presentation all about you and your business.

  • Personalized cover with the vendor’s name and your contact information.
  • About us
  • Comparative market analysis
  • Tax records and past listings for the property
  • Listing contract paperwork
  • Testimonials
  • Preparation for showing
  • Home selling process
  • Frequently asked questions


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