Top Tips for Survival in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is rife with ever-evolving techniques and strategies. Take Google, for example. The next update to PageRank would mean that established SEO tactics might become ineffective. Social media is adapting to mobile platforms, as well.
So, the digital market can no longer depend on static content for functions like social marketing, search marketing, and branding.

Yet, an online presence is still important for any business. But with it, comes the need for creative and strategic brand positioning. Not to mention, designing experiences that match what you want your product to be known for among your customers.

Thus, long-term thinking and delivering on your competitive advantage should be integral to your survival strategy.

Deliver what your competitors cannot do as well or at all

Aim to influence your industry. Using a good online marketing strategy, you’ll have the edge over the competition. Think the greatest brand reach. Where outreach campaigns use multiple engagement avenues to get high lead generations.

Survival depends on not only a few online followers but also a command created by the continuous provision of quality content.

While the competition focuses on curating posts for social media, for example, you’d do better if you provide fresh and insightful content.

When you employ a digital marketing agency, therefore, consider the collective impact it offers for your online strategy. It’s not about keyword positioning, social media activity or UX design alone. It boils down to how these components can work together as a unified package for the marketing goals.

Don’t overlook brand perception

You shouldn’t underestimate the challenge of gaining customer loyalty. This is the age where millennials shift attention fast. After all, the various digital offerings all vie for attention using innovative ads.

Then there’s the overload. Most of your potential customers hate the constant bombardment of digital advertisements. You’d thus be lucky to find a device that doesn’t have an adblocker installed.

Still, how do you make a lasting impression if you can’t get your target audience to consume your content in the first place?

See, it’s about choosing the channels that provide the most receptive interaction for its users. Whether you use social media, interstitials or paid search – ensure that the online marketing strategy can create a positive experience for the content consumer.

Align the marketing with the company goals and vision

The problem with marketing is that it is often caught up in the creativity trap. Advertising for its sake poses the danger of overlooking what the brand ultimately aims to achieve.

It’s thus important for your company to establish a relationship with the digital marketer that incorporates the input of the company’s leadership.

Effective communication between the parties will enable everyone to understand what their role is in working towards the success of the brand. The combined drive ensures that the target audience is well-defined. Also, by working with the marketing agency to outline the KPIs, you will inform the type of content that the marketing strategy puts out.

Invest enough funds

The beauty of digital marketing is its measurable ROI. One that’s immediate and attributable to a definite timeframe.

For instance, do want to know how many blog visitors have become paying customers? Simple, check the site’s stats. Or, do want to know your social media reach? Look at the number of followers, likes, etc.

But what’s even more significant, is the fact that digital media is evolving every day. Thus, brands can no longer afford to overlook the potential of online marketing.

As with any other business function, the digital marketing tools require considerable investment for them to provide the desired impact. Take software; say email marketing and CRM systems. They cost money to install and maintain.

So, your business should set aside a larger budget for online marketing to facilitate its competitiveness in a cutthroat digital market.

Set realistic goals

Let’s get this right – digital marketing alone won’t transform your brand from an obscure entity into a market leader.

Indeed, factors such as value, volume and quality of brand reach can improve with a well-crafted online strategy. But, there are tradeoffs you need to consider. Online visibility, say favorable search rankings, take time. Can you afford to pay the marketing agency that will produce consistent and quality content, for example?

Nonetheless, you should always set realistic objectives based on:

  • The number of sales (i.e. order value) that you wish to get from your online strategy
  • The volume of traffic you aim to create from outreach avenues, be it social media likes or blog visits
  • The quality of engagements you wish to generate from the digital traffic. For example, what percentage of lead conversions (e.g. checkouts and add-to-baskets) would you need to term the marketing campaign successful?

Don’t only survive – thrive!

Trust your digital marketing team to build the right audience and consistent brand presence. But remember, communication is an important aspect of the collaboration to ensure that the agency gets the brand’s objectives right.

Also, you should appreciate that effective marketing is an unceasing undertaking. See, the agency has to produce engaging content consistently to attain brand loyalty.

With these tips in mind, it’s possible to be more than a survivor in the digital market. Your brand should be well positioned to command leadership.

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